Our journey to the freshest and most delicious sandwiches we have ever had!

My husband and I have often struggled to find a quick and easy meal after a long day of work.  Usually getting home too late to go to the grocery store, buy ingredients and then go home and make a meal.  We longed for something that was fresh, delicious and not deep fried and greasy.  Countless times we thought, if only we could get a really good sandwich that was made fresh and satisfied a food lover's desire for quality ingredients and flavour.  We have been throwing around the idea of opening a sandwich shop for 10 years now.

One day we were watching food TV and we saw a show that focused on Italy, highlighting the great food and restaurants in Tuscany.  We had been to Italy before, so it did not take much to convince us the food in Italy is incredible.  We love the simplicity of a dish or sandwich only having 3-5 ingredients that are perfectly matched to produce incredible flavour.  As we sat there and watched what looked to be the most incredible sandwiches ever made, we both looked at each other and said if we ever do the sandwich shop, it has to be sandwiches like that!

Fast forward to summer 2017, we decided to take the plunge and open a take-out sandwich shop.  First things first, we booked a trip to Italy to research amazing sandwich shops in Tuscany.  Needless to say, we were not disappointed and believe we have brought back what are the most delicious sandwiches we have ever eaten.  We cannot wait to share them with you. 

We have created Sandwich Society in The Kerr Village.  Fast food in Oakville, made fresh, wholesome and delicious.

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