FAQ'S About Our Fresh Sandwiches in Oakville


What is Schiacciata?

Schiacciata is a Tuscan flat bread that is the cousin to Focaccia.  It is denser than Focaccia and crusty on the outside and soft and warm on the inside. Schiacciata literally translates to "squashed" or "pressed".  It lends itself to be a perfect sandwich bread, made by Sandwich Society in Oakville.   That is right, bread baked in house in Oakville!

Do you have gluten free sandwiches?

Yes, we are working on a gluten free version of Schiacciata.  

Do you have vegetarian sandwiches?

Yes, we have vegetarian sandwiches!  We have tons of fresh veggie options and if you eat cheese, you cannot be disappointed with a vegetarian sandwich at sandwich society.

Do you have vegan sandwiches?

Our Schiacciata is vegan and we can create a delicious vegan sandwich for you or you can build your own with our yummy vegetable selection.

I am looking for a great take-out sandwich in Oakville?

Look no further, we will make you one of the freshest sandwiches you have ever had.  Nothing is pre-cut, your sandwich meat is not sliced until you order your sandwich and everything is cut right in front of you.

What makes your sandwiches different from a panini sandwich?

Our sandwiches are not pre-made and are not heated in a hot press.  They are made on Schiacciata that is baked fresh in house.    We spend 24 hours making our dough and put a lot of love into it.  We have created air bubbles in our bread that would only be crushed in a panini press.  The air bubbles help make our bread light and airy for you.